Feb 28

5 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Add Value to Your Case

by Tate Law Offices, P.C.Injuries from Car Wrecks, Injury Claims, Texas Law


Securing the representation of a personal injury attorney to pursue your claim is vital to your success. While some accident victims, particularly those injured in a car accident, might feel it unnecessary to hire an attorney, this can be a costly mistake. Unrepresented litigants lack requisite knowledge in the field of personal injury law and will miss crucial steps or accept settlements that pale in comparison to what they may have received with the assistance of a practiced personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney with experience, comprehension, and skill will add tremendous value to your case in the five ways outlined below:

  • Investigation

A successful personal injury claim will often turn on the strength of the investigation conducted. A personal injury lawyer will immediately investigate the incident that led to your injury. Investigations will include interviewing witnesses, obtaining and reviewing police reports, visiting the scene, photographing the scene and vehicles involved, if any, and investigating the other drivers or parties involved in the incident. A layman is not equipped to conduct such thorough investigations and crucial evidence is lost without the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

  • Negotiation

Personal injury claims often involve much negotiation. Whether it be negotiating a settlement, expense payments, expedition of claims, or pretrial evidentiary matters, you will be required to negotiate during your personal injury suit. A seasoned personal injury attorney will have years of experience working with insurance companies and in the courtroom. Their negotiation expertise will prove invaluable to your claim.

  • Litigation

There is a chance your personal injury action will involve courtroom litigation. Even if your case never proceeds to trial, having an attorney whom the defense knows will take a case to trial and has extensive trial experience can result in a better settlement.

  • Record Collection

A personal injury attorney with experience in the field will know how to obtain the records your case requires in a timely manner. Personal injury cases involve collection of voluminous documents, from medical records to wage loss logs. Your skilled attorney can handle all necessary gathering of records, increasing your chance of recovery.

  • Knowledge

A personal injury attorney’s greatest added value to your case stems from his or her knowledge of the law. A personal injury attorney will have a comprehensive understanding of what categories of damages apply to your case. They will pursue all possible damages with the evidence that they recognize to collect, such as the police reports and medical records. Further, a personal injury attorney knows the best means of pursuing your case. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, an experienced attorney may recommend proceeding to trial or at least providing the threat of trial. On the other hand, your attorney might feel it best to enter serious settlement negotiations early on, as this will lead to your best recovery. A personal injury attorney’s in-depth understanding of the field of accident law is crucial to your recovery.

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