Auto Accident Injury Liability and the Need to Seek Immediate Medical Help

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In some cases, a car accident may only lead to minor injuries, causing the victim to forego medical treatment and self-medicate. An accident victim may not believe the injury is serious enough to warrant professional medical help, or they may be afraid of the medical bills that could result.

Unfortunately, doing so could preclude an accident victim from recovering due compensation in a subsequent car accident claim or lawsuit. The following provides reasons why it is in your best interests to find immediate medical help if you are injured in a wreck on the road.

You May Not Receive Compensation for Your Injuries

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is that not all injuries may be entirely apparent after a car accident, with some only showing minor signs in the direct aftermath of the wreck. Concussions, whiplash, and other soft-tissue injuries may only present symptoms in the hours or days following the crash, although they may appear originally as localized aches and pains.

If you fail to seek a professional opinion on the matter though, your insurer (or a jury) may not believe that the developing injuries were a result of the crash. Or, someone reviewing your case may assume that your injuries weren’t serious enough to warrant immediate medical attention, which could severely damage your claim. This may be a good time to call Tate Law Offices, P.C.

The Injuries May Get Much Worse

In some cases, an injury may seem minor, leading the victim to believe that they can treat it with supplies at home. For example, if a victim receives a cut during an accident, they may choose to clean it at home, cover it with a bandage, and avoid medical treatment at a nearby facility.

Sadly, this could lead to a serious infection, which, in turn, could have life-threatening consequences if left untreated. Again, in this example, if the victim self-medicates at home, choosing not to see a doctor for the initial injuries, the insurer may believe that the cut was not a result of the accident, and that they have no reason to provide compensation for the subsequent infection, leaving the injured party responsible for covering the medical bills on their own.

Seek Medical Help and Contact an Attorney

Generally, if you have been injured in a car accident, you should visit a medical professional as soon as possible to treat your injuries and to ensure your future claim isn’t damaged. Furthermore, it is extremely wise to speak with an accident attorney after you sustain injuries in a crash. An attorney can help gather all medical evidence necessary to strengthen your claim, and can zealously advocate on your behalf to help you acquire due payment. If you’ve been injured in an accident make sure you seek immediate medical attention and contact Tate Law Offices, P.C., today by calling 888-769-1086 for a free case review.