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How Much is a Personal Injury Claim Worth in Texas?

what is my claim worth in texas

Not all accidents warrant filing a personal injury claim. When a personal injury would not have occurred but for the negligence of another, filing a personal injury claim may be your best route for recovering the compensation that you both…

What Should You Do After An Accident In Texas?

What you should do after an accident

You may think that a car accident will never happen to you. But the reality is that you will likely be involved in a crash at some point in your life. If the crash results in serious injury and is…

In-Car Distractions from Infotainment and Auto Accident Liability

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In-car technology has developed significantly over the past few decades. Whereas drivers and passengers were once dependent upon analog radios for entertainment and maps for navigation, modern motorists have a host of tools at their disposal to provide for a…

How is Fault Determined in Texas Car Accidents?

What you should do after an accident

Whether you are in a car accident in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or anywhere else in Texas, you need to know this: The insurance company will not be on your side. An insurance adjuster might sound like he or she…

When to Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident in Texas

Our Texas car accident lawyers discuss when you should get a car accident lawyer to handle your case.

Car accidents represent one of the most common causes of injury in Texas every year. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that crash data in the state in 2015 indicate that one person was killed every two hours and 29…

What Goes Into a Texas Truck Accident Investigation?


Our Texas truck accident attorneys urge anyone who has been involved in a crash with a tractor-trailer to contact us right away. The reason: The sooner we can investigate the crash, the better chance we will have of securing full…

Five Social Media Tips for Texas Personal Injury Plaintiffs


As the Pew Research Center recently reported, the use of Social Media has grown dramatically during the past decade. Today, Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can impact work, politics and civic life in ways we would…

Traffic Statistic and Auto Accident Resources


Trucking Statistics  — US DOT Pedestrian Accident Data — Crash Analysis of Selected High Occupancy Vehicle Roadways — Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics – 2013 — Texas Car Accident Statistics: Texas Car Accident Attorneys Contains the…

Safest Cars for Your Young Child in 2015

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Car accidents happen without warning, and often result in serious injury and property damage. Of course, even a minor accident can become a nightmare if a young child is in the car, and is hurt or, worse, killed. Safety Features…

What Influence Does a Rollover Accident Have on Car Wreck Fatality Rates?

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Since the creation of the first pickup trucks and later SUVs, the United States has quickly embraced the convenience and power of these vehicles. To be sure, the Wall Street Journal reports that in December 2014 alone, sales of SUVs…

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