How to Obtain a Car Accident Report in Dallas

After you’re injured in a car accident in Dallas, you might be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation from the other driver in the crash. One of the most important pieces of evidence for your Dallas car accident lawyer is the car crash report drafted by the police who respond to the scene of the accident. But how do you get it?

Fortunately, getting a police accident report in Dallas is a relatively straightforward process. Also, as a free service, our experienced car accident attorneys are glad to obtain the report for you and advise you of your legal options.

What Are Car Accident Reports and How Are They Valuable?

A car accident report in Texas is called a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report or a CR-3. These reports contain the information collected by the law enforcement officer who responded to the scene of a motor vehicle accident, including:

  • The motorists and vehicles involved in the crash
  • Insurance information for each motorist
  • Injuries and vehicle damage
  • Weather, road, and traffic conditions
  • A sketch of the accident scene or photographs taken by the officers
  • Summaries of witness statements
  • Any traffic citations or arrests
  • In some cases, the officer’s opinion of how the accident occurred and who was at fault

How to Get an Accident Report in Dallas

You can get a crash report in Dallas from the Dallas Police Department by mailing a written request form to the Open Records Unit, 1400 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX 75215. You can also request a report in person by visiting that address. Copies of reports cost $6.00 and are usually available within ten days after an accident, and sometimes sooner.

You might be able to request a crash report from the Texas Department of Transportation instead. The Texas Transportation Code requires law enforcement officers to file crash reports with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) for any motor vehicle collision that results in injury, death, or $1,000 or more in property damage. TxDOT collects crash reports from all Texas law enforcement agencies for wrecks that occur on public roads or highways.

You can request a copy of a crash report from TxDOT online or by mailing in the appropriate CR-91 form. Copes of TxDOT crash reports cost $6.00 for a normal copy or $8.00 for a certified copy that can be used in court.

How an Accident Report Can Help You Obtain Compensation

A crash report can help if the other driver denies an accident happened or that they were at fault. A Dallas car crash report provides the third-party perspective of the investigating officer. Even though the officer’s opinion about the accident’s cause isn’t binding, it often serves as persuasive evidence for both insurance companies and juries.

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