Apr 17

Injured by Airbag Deployment? Find Out if You’re Entitled to Compensation

Deployed airbags

Countless studies support the fact that airbags in vehicles save numerous lives. However, when airbags fail to operate properly, injuries can occur, most typically spinal, eye, neck, head and brain injuries. If airbags unnecessarily deploy in a low-impact crash and cause injury or death, you may be entitled to compensation.

When an Airbag Shouldn’t Deploy

Airbags are intended as supplementary restraint systems and are designed to deploy in moderate to severe vehicular crashes. In the event of a car accident, a properly working airbag should deploy if a number of factors are met through your vehicle’s crash sensors. A moderate-to-severe crash is defined as a frontal or near-frontal crash that is equivalent to the vehicle hitting a fixed barrier between 8-14 mph or higher. Unless the criteria for a moderate to severe crash are met, a vehicle’s airbags should not deploy.

Injury Association

The National Institute of Medicine and Health has associated airbag deployment with a number of passenger and driver injuries. For example, the NCBI reports multiple cases of head and neck injuries, including facial trauma, joint injury, decapitation, and cervical spine fractures. Injuries to the torso are also common, as are upper limb injuries. Other injuries include lower limb injuries, burns and acoustic damage.

Who’s Liable in the Case of Faulty Airbag Deployment?

If an airbag deploys in a situation when it shouldn’t, and if that deployment results in injury or death of the passenger, the airbag or vehicle manufacturer may be held liable based on negligence. Vehicle manufactures hold the burden of responsibility in providing drivers and passengers protection from harm in the event of a vehicular crash within their means. I.e., car manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that all equipment within the vehicle they are manufacturing and selling is working properly, including the airbags. Negligence may be proven if the vehicle’s crash sensors weren’t operating properly at the time the accident occurred, if the airbags inflated horizontally rather than vertically, if the airbags contained overly-powerful inflators, if it’s proven that the airbags had a lack of internal tethers, or if the vehicle manufacturer failed to conduct a range of test crashes. If an airbag fails, the incident is known as product liability within the sector of personal injury.

If You’ve Been Injured by Airbag Deployment

In the case of harm caused by airbag deployment, it will typically have to be proved that the injury would not have been sustained had the airbag been working properly, and therefore that the injury was a direct result of improper and faulty airbag deployment. If you’ve been injured by airbag deployment, you may be entitled to compensation from the airbag manufacturer or vehicle manufacturer, and should contact a Dallas product liability lawyer immediately. We can help you gather proof of liability, and assist you in securing the compensation that you deserve. Call us today at 888-662-3892 to schedule a free consultation.

“Airbag Deployment” image based on “Airbag Deployment” Adam Barlett, CC-BY-2.0.