Jan 15

Injury Attorney Tim Tate on Pedestrian Texting and Walking at Street Crosswalks

by Tate Law Offices, P.C.Pedestrian Accidents

Push button for pedestrian crossing sign

There are many pedestrians crossing busy streets who are doing something other than paying attention to the crosswalk signs and the traffic around them; they are busy texting on their cell phones. Recent studies have shown that pedestrians who text are more than four times less likely to look before they cross an intersection or street. Additionally, the pedestrians increase their time in crossing the street by two seconds – in other words, they unnecessarily expose themselves to traffic and the chance of being hit by two seconds. This risky crossing behavior puts their lives at risk when all they would have to do is stop looking at the phone for about ten seconds.

Texting while walking has been proven to take the pedestrian’s mind from the reality of their location to somewhere else – namely the conversation they are engaged in. They are concentrating on something other than crossing at the street intersection. To make matters worse, many times the vehicle drivers are also consumed in a phone or text conversation and are less aware of a pedestrian which exponentially increases the chance of a collision where the pedestrian will likely be severely injured. Both pedestrians and drivers need to put down the cell phone in areas where pedestrians cross the street.

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