The Dangers of Dialysis – When Mistakes Become Malpractice

The Dangers of Dialysis When Mistakes Become Malpractice

For those patients who are in the final stages of kidney failure, dialysis is the most commonly pursued treatment option. Dialysis is used to help the body perform the duties of the kidneys that they can no longer do on their own. Unfortunately, though, mistakes during dialysis made by medical professional can happen, leading to dangerous or deadly consequences.

Mistakes Made During the Administration of Dialysis

When a healthcare provider makes a mistake that could have been prevented, and if the mistake is considered to be outside of what would be labeled as responsible action by the medical community, then medical malpractice has been committed. During the dialysis administration process, medical errors that lead to severe complications for the patient may include:

  • Improper reuse of a dialysis device
  • Medication errors, including overdose
  • Sterilization errors leading to infection
  • Needle errors resulting in excessive blood loss and hemorrhaging
  • Medical equipment errors

All of the errors made above are examples of medical malpractice and healthcare provider negligence. The last example – medical equipment errors – can result in either a medical malpractice lawsuit for damages, or a product liability lawsuit for damages in the case that the medical equipment used had a manufacturing, design, or labeling defect.

The errors above, when made, can cause serious harm to the patient. In a patient who is suffering from kidney failure, medication overdose, infection, excessive bleeding, and hemorrhaging can all be fatal.

Failure to Properly Monitor

One significant medical error that a doctor or other healthcare professional may make is the failure to properly monitor a patient who is undergoing dialysis. If proper monitoring does not occur, a patient may exhibit serious ailments – which demand immediate attention – that are not treated. Additionally, the improper monitoring of a patient during dialysis can also lead to patient falls, which can subsequently lead to a number of injuries, including broken bones, internal injuries, head injuries and more.

Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim for Damages in Texas

If you have been a victim of medical malpractice during dialysis treatment, then you can file a lawsuit for damages within two years that the time the malpractice occurred, according to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, the sooner that you take legal action, the better.

A medical malpractice claim can result in the compensation amount necessary to pay all of your medical bills that the injury sustained requires, and more. Dialysis is an extremely serious form of medical treatment; you deserve to have your dialysis treatment administered in a manner that is free from error. If your medical care provider failed in this regard then you deserve to be compensated.

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