Top 10 Texas Urban Counties with Highest Percentage of Uninsured Drivers

Top 10 Texas Urban Counties with Highest Percentage of Uninsured Drivers

Although Texas law requires drivers to carry insurance when behind the wheel, many motorists instead choose to shirk this responsibility in order to avoid paying premiums and other costs. While some areas are largely devoid of this problem, others are rife with uninsured drivers and responsible, insured Texans should drive these roads with caution.

Here is a list of the top ten urban counties in Texas with the highest percentage of uninsured drivers on the road from the Dallas News, based on information provided by the Texas Department of Insurance:

  1. Dallas
    According to news sources, Dallas is one of the riskiest areas to drive in all of Texas, as approximately one in six drivers lacks insurance. This amounts to anywhere between 14.9 and 16 percent of all individuals behind the wheel of a car.
  2. El Paso
    El Paso County is home to 827,398 residents, and with 14.46 percent of them driving without insurance, that accounts for a monumental 199,641 uninsured motorists on the road.
  3. Harris
    Harris County is even with El Paso County in terms of percentage of uninsured motorists with 14.46 percent of people driving their cars without registered insurance.
  4. Bexar
    Another county full of uninsured drivers, Bexar County ranks near the top of the list with an estimated 13.65 percent of all drivers being uninsured.
  5. Tarrant
    Tarrant County is also considered one of the riskier areas in Texas to drive, as 12.61 percent of all motorists there don’t carry insurance.
  6. Travis
    Similar to Tarrant County, an estimated 12.54 percent of drivers in Travis County are driving on the roads without insurance as well.
  7. Kaufman
    Although not in our top five, Kaufman County still ranks as a risky place to drive with around 10.8 percent of drivers sitting behind the wheel without insurance. Because the population of this county is only 106,753 though, this only amounts to a group of about 11,529 people.
  8. Johnson
    Almost as risky as Kaufman County, Johnson County has its fair share of uninsured drivers with an estimated 10.73 percent of motorists not carrying insurance when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.
  9. Ellis
    Close to Kaufman and Johnson Counties, Ellis County is also stocked with uninsured drivers. It is estimated that 10.49 percent of drivers in Ellis County don’t carry insurance, and with a population of 153,969 residents, this accounts for 16,151 individuals.
  10. Rockwall
    Neighboring many of these counties in north Texas, and closing out the list of the top ten counties in Texas based on highest percentage of uninsured drivers, is Rockwall County, which still ranks high on the list with 9.5 percent of all drivers not carrying insurance.

Uninsured Drivers Across the State of Texas

Texas law clearly states that all drivers must carry insurance when behind the wheel of a car. Despite these regulations, there are still millions of drivers on the roads of Texas that choose to get behind the wheel without insurance to cover the costs of damages.

Without further exploring the irresponsible mentality of not having insurance and the increased rate of accidents with these drivers you can see that based on percentages alone you have a one-in-ten chance of being hit by an uninsured driver when in a wreck.

If you’ve been hit by an uninsured, irresponsible driver you still may have an opportunity to be compensated by that driver for your damages. Contact Tate Law Offices, P.C., today by calling 888-662-3892 for a free consultation and learn your rights and the potential for bringing the offender to civil court.

“Dallas” image based on “Dallas” by Robert Hensley, CC-BY-2.0.