How Is a Car Accident Settled?

To receive the maximum settlement value for your claim, you will need convincing evidence of the following:

Liability – You will need to show that the other driver was negligent. An accident report, video, photos of the vehicle damage, and eyewitness testimony can all help establish this.

Medical records – You will need medical records that clearly connect your injuries to the auto accident. Doctors’ notes, test results, and other medical documentation can help establish this connection. The better qualified the medical doctor the stronger your case will be.

Lost wages – Missing time from work can help indicate that your injury was serious and caused you to suffer financially. Check stubs and documentation from your employer can help prove these damages along with medical records showing you were unable to work.

Pain and mental anguish – proof of your pain and suffering is an important element in collecting top value for your claim.

Physical Impairment – evidence of short and/or long term inability to perform certain tasks.

Other damages – whether it is vehicle repair bills or other various expenses you incurred, all losses should be presented to the insurance company.