What kinds of personal injury cases do our accident lawyers work with?

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Car Accidents
Uber, Lyft, Rideshare, & Taxi Accidents
Truck & Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents
(18-Wheelers, Tractor Trailers, Dump Trucks, Carriers, Tankers, Semis, Delivery Trucks, Garbage Trucks)
Motorcycle Accidents
Moped, Trike & ATV Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Motorized Scooter Accidents
Defective Vehicle Accidents
Uninsured Motorists
Boat, Jet Ski, Marine Vehicle & Watercraft Accidents
Railroad and Train Accidents
Plane and Aviation Accidents
Drunk Driving, DWI & DUI Victim Accidents
Dram Shop Accidents (Bars, Clubs, Restaurants)

Non-Motorized Vehicles
Bicycle Accidents
Scooter Accidents

Wrongful Death
Work-Related Deaths
Nursing Home Abuse Fatalities
Child Care Abuse Fatalities
Other Criminal Fatalities
Grossly Negligent Vehicular Deaths
Prison Deaths

Bodily Injury and Catastrophic Accidents
Brain Injuries
Spine Injuries
Shoulder & Back Injuries
Organ & Soft Tissue Injuries
Drowning Injuries & Fatalities
Falling injuries & Fatalities
Electrocution Injuries & Fatalities
Burn Injuries and Fatalities
Sexual Assault
Oil Rig Accidents
Mining Accidents

Unsafe Properties & Premises Liability
Swimming Pool Deaths
Dangerous Structures
Electrocution Injuries
Unsecured Structures & Properties
Dog Bites & Attacks
Other Animal-Related Injuries
Falling Objects

Toxic Torts
Industrial Disasters
Explosions & Fires
Property Contamination
Groundwater Contamination
Well Water Contamination
Defective Products
Medical Devices
Environmental Disasters
Oil & Gas Accidents
Air, Noise & Ambient Pollution
Nuisances such as Coal Dust
Agricultural Pollution
Industrial Pollution

Product Liability & Defective Products
Consumer Products
Defective Clothing
Dangerous Furniture
Faulty Appliances
Dangerous Toys & Infant Products
Heaters & Gas-Fired Products
Defective Medical Devices
Medicine & Pharmaceutical Products
Nutritional, Supplemental & Medicinal Products
Health & Personal Care Products
Skin Care, Sunscreen & Makeup
Toxic Baby & Talcum Powder
Faulty Power Tools
Defective Electrical Components, Devices & Equipment
Dangerous Chemical Products (Pool, Lawn & Household Chemicals)
Toxic Poisons, Herbicides & Pesticides
Dangerous Paints, Stains, Solvents, Epoxy, Plastics & Adhesives
Toxic Construction & Building Materials
Cements, Powders, Aggregates, Roofing, & Cladding Materials
Dangerous Hardware
Faulty Safety & Security Equipment
Defective Tools & Mechanical Parts
Autos & Auto Parts (Tires, Wheels, Air Bags, Brakes, Seat Belts, Electrical)
Sports Equipment