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Cómo buscar un informe policial en Texas

Los informes policiales, informes de accidentes, informes de choque son todos los nombres para el informe rellenado por la agencia de seguridad pública que informa sobre un accidente de tráfico. Esto podría ser un departamento de policía de la ciudad, un departamento del sheriff del condado, la seguridad pública del aeropuerto internacional, policías estatales u otra entidad de seguridad pública que tiene la tarea de producir informes de accidentes de vehículos en Texas, y en la mayoría de los otros estados.

El Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report o CR-3 es el nombre del informe utilizado en Texas. El Código de Transporte de Texas requiere que un informe de la policía sea presentado al Departamento de Transporte de Texas (TXDOT) para cualquier colisión de vehículos de motor que resulta en lesiones, muerte, o como mínimo $ 1,000 en daños a la propiedad. Cada reporte tiene información registrada por el oficial de la agencia que responde o es llamado para reportar el accidente vehicular. El informe incluye:

  • The names of people and vehicles involved in the crash
  • Insurance information and license/tag details for each driver
  • Notes on Injuries and property damage including auto damage
  • Witness statement summaries
  • Weather conditions, road conditions, and  traffic conditions
  • Issued traffic citations, tickets or arrests when pertinent
  • Often the report will include the officer’s opinion on what led to the accident, how it happened and the motorist thought to be at fault (which could be any or all of the motorists involved)
  • A sketch of the crash scene or photos collected by the agency employee or law enforcement official


How Soon Can I Get My Police  Report?

These reports are sometimes available a few days after an accident. But, in many cases, it may take up to 2 weeks before a police report is available. And, the agency that reported on the accident will usually produce and send you a copy of the document, upon request. Depending on the agency the request process varies. Some agencies offer online ordering, while others offer no ability to get the accident report directly from the agency. In this case you will have to wait until the report is available in the TXdot Crash Database, at which point you can order a copy from TXDOT.

Where Do I Get My Police Report?

In most cases a police report will be available if a city police department reported on the crash.  And, each police department has its own request protocol, for instance obtaining a Dallas Police Department crash report is a relatively straightforward process. You have to go the police department in person or send a written request via postal mail.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Police Report?

Keep in mind that you will also need to pay for the accident report that you request. Prices range from $6.00 to $13.00 in most situations. And, you can choose between a standard copy or a certified copy of the report.

What If I’m Having Trouble Getting My Police Report?

As a free service, our experienced car accident attorneys are glad to obtain the report for you and advise you of your legal options.

If you wish to receive help finding your accident report, please fill out and submit the form below, or call us or text us at 972-499-4813 to provide us with the necessary information.

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How to Get an Accident Report in Dallas

You can obtain a crash report in the city of Dallas via the Dallas Police Department. You will need to mail a written request form to the

Open Records Unit, 1400 South Lamar Street, Dallas, TX 75215.

You may also request your accident report by visiting the address above in person. Report or CR-3 copies cost $6.00 for a standard crash report and $8.00 for a certified crash report. The reports are usually available within 10 days.

Dallas Police Department Logos
Fort Worth Police Department Logos



How to Get an Accident Report in Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, crash reports can be requested online at:


 The cost for a basic report is $11.00. Certified copies of an accident report can be requested at the Police Records Division at:

1000 Calvert Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Certified crash reports cost $13.00. You can also call (817) 392-4160 to check on the status of your report.


How to Get an Accident Report from TXDOT

You might be able to request a crash report from the Texas Department of Transportation instead.

To request a copy of a crash report from TXDOT online here:


 or by mailing in the appropriate CR-91 form. Copes of TXDOT crash reports cost $6.00 for a basic copy or $8.00 for a certified copy that can be used in court.

For more information see:



Should I Get a Standard Copy of an Accident Report or a Certified Version of the Report?

It’s usually best to go ahead and get the certified version of a CR-3. The cost is higher, but you will want a certified document in order to build a strong case for your claims and losses. Should your case ever need to go to court, you will need the certified version in order to have it be admissible to a jury. If you work with a car accident lawyer, you will most likely have access to a certified version of your report, particularly if you or a loved one were injured in a serious or catastrophic collision.

How an Accident Report Can Help You Obtain Compensation

A crash report can help if the other driver denies an accident happened or that they were at fault. A Texas crash report provides the perspective of the investigating officer. Even though the officer’s opinion about the accident’s cause isn’t binding, it often serves as compelling evidence for insurance companies and juries, should your case go to court. However, it is worth noting that police reports can contain errors. If you can prove there is an error, a judge will often not allow a jury to see the police report. So, it is only part of the evidence used to determine fault.

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