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Are Texas Drivers the Worst in the Nation?

Texans seem to have earned a bad reputation when it comes to driving, and they are often mocked for their terrible driving skills. Is this reputation earned or overblown? A new study is shedding some light on the worst drivers in the U.S. What it found might surprise you.

Are Texas Drivers Really the Worst in the Country?

A new Quote Wizard worst drivers study found that Texas actually landed at the number 19 spot for having the best drivers in the country. The survey examined data related to many common causes of car accidents like speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations issued. The numbers indicate that Texas is in the top 20 for best drivers. States that were ranked as having the worst drivers like California, Alaska, and North Dakota, all had high numbers of accidents, DUIs, and speeding ticket traffic citations.

Factors Involved in the Study

While this study seems to be good news for Texas drivers, it is important to understand how the study obtained and analyzed the data. The Quote Wizard research team compiled numbers from millions of insurance quotes from drivers in all 50 states. Insurance quotes are valuable tools but may only be telling a portion of the story.

Other ranking sites paint a different picture of Texas drivers. For instance, one survey from Smart Asset gives Texas the number seven spot for worst drivers in the nation. This group’s data came from the number of drivers uninsured, DUI arrests per 1,000 drivers, and fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. Data was gathered from the FBI, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Insurance Research Council.

Texas also leads the nation in the number of drowsy driving fatalities, a statistic that neither study took into consideration. So, before Texas drivers go beeping their own horns, it pays to consider all the data and understand that different ranking systems that consider different variables can come to different conclusions.

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