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When employers have Texas Workers Compensation Insurance, injured employees may file a workers compensation claim to seek payment for such items as medical expenses, lost wages, and impairment. Frequently, a lawyer is not needed for a workers compensation claim because there are limits on recovery. However, if you have been injured on the job by a third party (someone who does not work for your employer), or by a defective product or piece of equipment, or your employer does not carry Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance, you may have a valid claims for a case. These types of claims typically require a lawyer. Please call us at (972) 499-4813 or click here for a free case review.

Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance (Real) vs. Replacement Policy Insurance (Fake/Nonsubscriber)

Workers’ compensation insurance offers no­-fault medical and financial benefits to employees who are injured on the job. However, these benefits are very limited and often do not provide Texas employees with adequate compensation.

In Texas, employers may elect whether to carry or subscribe to real workers’ compensation insurance or choose to be a nonsubscriber and elect to purchase a replacement insurance plan. Real workers’ compensation insurance usually costs more than replacement insurance, but by purchasing the real insurance, employers protect themselves from being sued by an employee in most cases. Replacement insurance, or fake workers’ compensation insurance, usually costs much less than the real insurance but leaves the employer open to being sued by an injured employee. Many Texas employers opt for the fake workers’ compensation insurance in order to save money and take their chances on being sued if an employee is hurt while on the job.

Texas businesses that choose not to subscribe to a real workers’ compensation insurance plan are referred to as “nonsubscribers.” Many Texas nonsubscriber employers carry other accident insurance plans, reimbursement policies, or stop­ loss insurance policies to protect themselves against employee work injury claims. Some Texas employers choose not to be insured at all.

In order to be fully compensated, it is often necessary for injured Texas workers to file a lawsuit or claim against their nonsubscriber employer for their work injuries. Due to the legal complexities involved with work injury cases, it is recommended that you seek advice from one of our work injury lawyers regarding the specifics of your claim. We also highly recommend that you do not speak to any insurance company before talking to us, so we can protect you from the ways in which insurance companies gather evidence to deny your claim.

Tate Law Offices, PC helps injured employees who were hurt on the job when their employer is a nonsubscriber or their injury was due to the actions of a third party. We can provide a free and confidential review of your case and discuss all of your legal options. We are dedicated to pursuing the maximum amount of compensation for you. Our goal is to do everything we can to help you and your family get back on your feet.