Dallas Construction Accident Lawyer
construction accident lawyer
construction accident lawyer

Construction is booming in Dallas. It is now a $54 billion per year industry in Texas, according to one report. At Tate Law Offices, P.C., we are proud of this growth.

We also deeply respect the carpenters, welders, electricians and other construction workers whose skill and labor have made this growth happen. We understand how dangerous construction work is in Dallas. We not only celebrate our state’s prosperity – we also stand up for the rights of those workers and their families when tragedy occurs.

If you were injured on the job at a Dallas construction site, or if you have lost a loved one in a construction accident, we want to help you. We are skilled, experienced personal injury lawyers. Above all, we are passionate about seeking maximum compensation for our clients.

Contact a construction accident attorney at Tate Law Offices, P.C., today for a free consultation. We can answer your questions and discuss your right to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

You have only a limited time to file a construction injury or death claim in Dallas. It is important to move quickly, too, in order to preserve evidence.

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