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Uninsured Auto Accidents 1

When you get into a car accident that is caused by another driver, it can be bad enough. However, matters can seem even worse if the at-fault driver:

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Has no insurance

Has insurance that won’t fully cover your losses.

You may be confused about how you will pay for the repair or replacement of your car or your medical bills. You may also be wondering how you will handle all of your other expenses while dealing with your injuries and being unable to work.

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common in Texas. In fact, according to news reports, 14 percent of the state’s drivers are on our roads without legally required auto insurance, or around 2.5 million drivers.

If you find yourself facing this difficult situation after getting into an auto accident in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or elsewhere in Texas, Tate Law Offices, P.C., wants to help you.

Our lawyers have many years of experience with handling auto accident claims involving hit-and-run, uninsured and underinsured drivers.