How Can Our Dallas Auto Accident
Attorneys Help You?

If you were in a car accident in Dallas or in the state of Texas, we can help!

The Dallas auto accident lawyers of Tate Law Offices, P.C., can provide many services to you after a car accident, including:

  • Providing a free consultation that carries no obligation to you
  • Compiling the evidence needed to prove your accident case
  • Consulting with our network of experts in fields such as accident reconstruction, mechanical engineering, medical care and life-care planning
  • Assisting you to receive quick and effective medical treatment for your auto accident injuries
  • Dealing with all insurance companies on your behalf and setting up all claims
  • Helping you to get your car repaired or replaced
  • Working to get you a rental car so your transportation needs are met
  • Fighting for a top-dollar settlement for your injury claim
  • If necessary, filing a lawsuit for the accident and going to trial
  • Keeping you updated throughout your case
  • Being there for you even after your case is completed.

To learn more, please see Our 10 Promises to You. We take our clients’ welfare seriously. Your case is important to you, and it is important to us, too.

Five Steps You Should Take After
A Dallas Car Accident

If possible, we suggest that you take the following steps:

If you were not taken from the crash scene in an ambulance or have not gone to the doctor yet, do so now. Serious injuries can have delayed symptoms. Tell the doctor you were in a crash. Follow your treatment plan. Keep all of your medical bills. If you do not have health insurance, please let us know. We will work to assist you in getting medical care.

Photographs can be very important in telling the story of how a wreck occurred. If your car is in your possession, take pictures of it. If it has been towed, we will work with you to acquire the photos.

The witnesses to the accident are typically the best source to determine how the wreck occurred. If there are no witnesses, don’t worry. We will look at other evidence to use as proof in your case.

You might think that you should call the insurance companies (yours and the other driver’s) yourself. This is simply not true. Insurance companies are always hard at work, attempting to deny settlement payments or pay minimum amounts of money for car accidents and related injuries and losses. Additionally, insurance companies may record phone calls and use portions of what you say in attempts to deny you fair compensation. Our accident attorneys take care of all insurance company communications for our clients so their statements cannot be taken out of context and used against them. If any insurance company calls you, just tell them your lawyer will be in touch with them. We will report your wreck and deal directly with their adjusters and attorneys.

Typically, the sooner we are involved with the case, the better. We will work to secure important evidence to build your case and advise you on the important steps to take in order to have a strong claim. Our consultations are always free.