Dallas-Fort Worth Unsafe Property Injury Lawyers
unsafe property injury lawyer
unsafe property injury lawyer

Tate Law Offices, P.C., often helps people in Dallas who were injured while on someone else’s property. These unsafe property injuries can result from a number of different hazards, including:

  • Wet floors
  • Broken steps
  • Falling merchandise
  • Defective fencing
  • Poor stairways or railings
  • Bad lighting
  • Dangerous activity by the property owner
  • Criminal conduct by outside parties.

As our injury lawyers have seen, these injuries can occur on any Dallas residential or commercial property, including a neighbor’s home, commercial retail store, amusement park, sidewalk, or parking lot.

These are called premises liability cases. They may also be called slip and fall or negligent security cases. Because Texas premises liability law is complex, it is important to work with a lawyer with experience with these cases.

For instance, your ability to recover compensation for your injuries – and the amount of compensation you can recover – may depend on:

  • Your status as a visitor
  • Whether the property owner took reasonable steps to repair or warn you about the dangerous condition
  • Whether the property owner had knowledge of the unsafe property condition
  • Whether the unsafe property condition was concealed or an “open and obvious” danger.

Our lawyers realize what is at stake for you and your family. Our goal will be to seek the maximum amount of compensation for you.