Dallas-Fort Worth Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Dallas and many other cities in Texas are far from pedestrian-friendly. Texans tend to drive to their destinations. So, most roads are designed for drivers – not for people traveling by foot. Additionally, Texas drivers are not used to sharing roads with pedestrians or looking out for people crossing the roadway. This explains why, on average, 417 pedestrians die each year in our state after being hit by a vehicle. Many more are seriously injured.

Most of these pedestrian accidents are preventable. They are the fault of careless or reckless drivers who fail to see pedestrians on the roadway or refuse to respect their rights. Victims of these accidents – and their families – deserve justice. That’s where our Dallas-Fort Worth pedestrian accident lawyers can help.

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pedestrian accident laws Texas
pedestrian accident laws Texas

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a Dallas pedestrian-car accident, you have the right to seek a full and fair recovery for any physical, emotional or financial harm you have suffered. But you should take action as soon as possible.

Tate Law Offices, P.C., is here to help. We have a record of representing pedestrian accident victims and their families in Dallas. Our experienced team of attorneys knows how to protect our clients’ rights and pursue the maximum amount of compensation available to them.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You After a Dallas Pedestrian Accident

In addition to investigating your case, the pedestrian accident attorneys of Tate Law Offices, P.C., can help you by:

It is crucial that you get medical care right away after a pedestrian accident and that your treatment goes uninterrupted while your case is pending. We can work with health care providers to help you get the treatment you need throughout your case.

You have enough to handle with your physical recovery. We will handle the insurance companies. We can file all necessary claims with the insurance companies and deal directly with their adjusters and attorneys. Keep in mind: Insurance companies want to protect their profits by paying as little as possible in damages. However, we will be aggressive in seeking a settlement that provides the maximum amount of compensation for you.

It takes evidence to win a case. So, as soon as we are on the job, we start collecting witness statements, police reports and internal files, photographs, phone records and video recordings. We also consult with any necessary experts such as accident reconstruction specialists. Much of our analysis will revolve around Texas right-of-way law regarding pedestrians.

If an insurance company refuses to pay a fair settlement amount, our experienced trial attorneys can take your case to court and present your case to the jury. Fortunately, after we have built up your case, we are able to settle the majority of cases without a trial.