Fort Worth Drunk Driving Accident Complexities

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Drunk Driving Accidents in Fort Worth

Drunk driving is a tremendous problem across the nation, and particularly here in Fort Worth. Every day across the country, 28 people die due to drunk driving crashes. On average, one in three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime. Someone is injured by an impaired driver every 90 seconds and killed every 51 minutes. Texas has more alcohol related deaths per year than any other state in the U.S. Drunk drivers in our state claim the lives of over 1,500 individuals a year. In fact, drunk driving is found to be the cause of fatal crashes nearly 50% of the time.

Drunk Driving Accidents Require Experienced Lawyers

All automobile accident cases involve distinctive challenges and intricate legal issues, but lawyers who represent the victims of drunk drivers face a unique set of issues and complex questions of law. The following is a look at some of the complexities drunk driving lawyers face in effectively representing their clients:

  • Insurance companies often offer quick (but low) settlements for drunk driving accidents — When the insurance company knows alcohol played a role in the accident, they are quick to offer a low settlement in hopes to prevent further litigation which they know will cost them more. Drunk driving accident victims who may be seriously injured and drowning in medical bills might be tempted to accept such an offer. By calling a lawyer you are likely to get far greater compensation for your case. You’ve already been a victim once, don’t let yourself become a victim again.
  • Criminal charges are involved for Drunk Driving Accidents in Fort Worth — Drunk driving accidents have the additional complexity of the involvement of criminal charges. Impaired drivers involved in a crash will generally be charged with DUI. A drunk driving accident lawyer must carefully monitor the progress of the DUI case. Knowledge of DUI law and burdens of proof associated with it is essential for impaired driving accident attorneys. A DUI conviction will be of great benefit to your personal injury case.
  • Injuries are generally more severe in a Fort Worth Drunk Driving Accident — Statistically, drunk driving crash victims experience more serious injuries than others involved in accidents. This is largely due to the often heightened speed of the drunk driver and delayed reaction time. DUI victims may experience traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, disfigurement, broken limbs, paralysis, and the like. Drunk driving accident attorneys must have the medical knowledge to address these severe injuries and the legal know how to push for adequate recovery which will ensure the disabled victim never has to worry about medical bills, lost wages, and uncompensated pain and suffering.
  • Fort Worth Car Accident Victims have a right to punitive damages in Texas — Those injured or killed by drunk drivers have the right to sue for punitive or exemplary damages from the impaired driver. These damages punish the drunk driver and provide the victim with additional compensation. The victim has control over the amount of punitive damages sought, limited only by caps put in place by the state. A skilled DUI accident attorney will assist clients in achieving justice through punitive damages.
  • Victims may have a suit against the provider of the alcohol — The Texas Dram Shop Act limits the liability of alcohol providers for the injury or death of third parties. However, if the victim can prove that the when the alcohol was provided, the recipient was obviously intoxicated to the extent he or she posed a clear dangerous to him or herself and others, they may be able to recover from the alcohol provider. An knowledgeable drunk driving accident lawyer can review the facts of the case and investigate the involvement of the alcohol provider to determine if their clients may have an additional avenue of recovery.

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