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“I was injured in an accident at the end of 2014. I have never been involved in an accident and it was 100% the other drivers fault. I was injured and my back had bleeding around the spine in 2 areas and 6 dislocated ribs, as well as injury to my right hip. I did not know if I should get an attorney, but Tate Law Offices, P.C., answered my questions and made me feel more at ease. ”
Lora Cunningham
Dallas Car Accident Client Testimonial

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If you were injured in a car accident in Midland or Odessa or another type of accident, you need an experienced lawyer by your side to help you during this difficult time. At Tate Law Offices, P.C., we want to ease the stress you are experiencing and help guide you through the legal process. We can pursue compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial harm you have suffered due to the negligence of another.

The accident lawyers at Tate Law Offices use our legal skills, experience, and resources to maximize the value of our client’s financial recovery. Tate Law Offices P.C. has achieved a strong record of results in a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of individuals and families in Odessa, Midland, and surrounding areas in Texas. Our legal team features attorneys who are members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and are listed among the “Top Trial Lawyers in America®.

We are ready to help you pursue compensation for your injuries. To receive a free case review, call us or contact us online today.

When Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Tort or personal injury law is a specific area of the law that is focused on making a person whole after suffering harm due to another’s negligence. The law recognizes that you should not be responsible for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages that were due to the reckless or negligent conduct of others. Through filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

Some signs that you may need a personal injury lawyer include:

  • You were injured in an accident.
  • Your medical bills are piling up.
  • Your vehicle was damaged.
  • You are unable to work because of the accident.
  • The insurance company is calling you or asking you to sign something.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, contact Tate Law Offices, P.C. for immediate legal assistance.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Since the founding of Tate Law Offices, P.C., we have been proud to pursue just compensation for accident victims and their families in Midland and Odessa and throughout Ector, Martin, and Midland Counties.  We know the Ector and Midland County Court and District Court systems, police departments, and insurance adjusters assigned to the Midland-Odessa area, and we use this knowledge and experience to work towards maximizing the recovery for our clients.

Our practice areas include:

What Is the Process After Hiring a Lawyer?

Every personal injury case is different, but they often follow a similar process. If we accept your case, the process may include:


Our team will investigate if you have a viable claim. We will get to know you and learn about the circumstances surrounding the accident by:

  • Reviewing the accident report, eyewitness reports, and photos and videos of the accident scene
  • Determining liability for the accident and all potential sources of compensation
  • Requesting and reviewing your medical records
  • Reviewing your medical bills, employment records, car repair estimates, and other documents that demonstrate the damages you sustained in the accident
  • Talking to your doctors to get a better sense of your medical condition and the future treatment you will require


The majority of personal injury and wrongful death claims that we handle can be settled, allowing our clients to obtain full and fair compensation without the need to go to trial. We deal directly with insurance companies and often are able to reach settlements without even filing a lawsuit. A successful negotiation provides settlement funds to our clients faster and helps them avoid the hassle of a lawsuit.

However, we typically will not negotiate a settlement until our client has reached maximum medical improvement. At this point, we can better evaluate how much the case is worth and whether you may require medical treatment in the future.

As your case moves forward, you can count on Tate Law Offices, P.C. to provide you with regular updates about the progress we are making. We will return your calls and promptly respond to your questions and concerns.

You will not need to worry about paying us upfront for the legal services we provide. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. This means you will pay no legal fees unless we obtain financial recovery for you.

If the insurance company does not agree to fairly compensate you for the damages you have sustained, the case moves into the litigation phase.


It may be necessary to file a lawsuit to show we are serious about your case or preserve your legal right to compensation. Our legal team will work closely with you to create a legal complaint that describes the accident, your damages, and your right to compensation.

If a lawsuit must be filed in your case, we would typically file it in the proper Texas state court in Ector County or Midland County.


During discovery, each party of a lawsuit investigates the other party’s legal claims and evidence. Our legal team can send legal requests for the other party to answer questions or make certain admissions that can make it easier to establish your claim. We may also conduct depositions on the defendant or other witnesses.

Another round of negotiations often follows discovery once the insurance company realizes the strength of our case.


Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, we may prepare or respond to pre-trial filings, such as asking the court for a summary judgment or to compel the other party to hand over certain evidence.


In the off chance that your case has not been resolved up to this point, your case will proceed to trial. During trial, your attorney will:

  • Interview jurors before selection
  • Ask your witnesses questions
  • Present evidence
  • Cross-examine the defense’s witnesses
  • Make legal arguments

What Should I Do or Not Do to Help My Case?

As a personal injury claimant, you play a pivotal role in the case. There are several ways you can assist our legal team with your case. Please do the following:

  • Seek medical treatment for your injuries and follow your doctor’s orders.
  • Keep a pain journal regarding the pain and limitations you are experiencing because of your injuries.
  • Maintain all original documents involved in your case, including medical records, bills, and records from your employer regarding lost wages.
  • Consult with your personal injury lawyer if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

You could also potentially harm your case if you do certain things, so try not to do any of the following:

  • Discuss your case with others. The other side may be able to subpoena anyone you have spoken with about your case and get them to reveal the private details of your conversation.
  • Post on social media. Try to avoid social media as much as possible while your case is pending. The most innocent thing like saying you are “fine” or posting a smiling picture can be misconstrued by insurance companies or juries.
  • Sign release forms. Avoid signing blanket release forms for your medical records or other information about you. Our legal team can handle gathering pertinent records and sharing only what is necessary.
  • Give a recorded statement. Insurance companies may try to trick you by having you give a recorded statement and then later using it against you. You have the right to refuse to provide a recorded statement to the adversary’s insurance company.
  • Admit fault. Even if you think that you might have been partially at fault for the accident, you likely do not know all of the factors involved in the accident. Do not admit fault and let our legal team conduct an investigation.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

Hiring an attorney provides the following benefits:

  • Someone is laser-focused on your claim – With work, a family, and other responsibilities, you have enough on your plate. Hiring an attorney gives you the peace of mind of knowing that someone is handling your claim for you. You don’t have to worry about it. Instead, you can focus on your recovery and other aspects of your life.
  • Personal injury lawyers are seasoned negotiators – They deal with insurance companies and claims every day. They have a better idea of the value of your claim and the tactics adjusters play. They will fight for your fair recovery.
  • A lawyer can explain your rights – When you hire a lawyer, they will explain your legal rights. They can explain who is liable for your injuries and what your legal options are for financial recovery. This guidance helps you make informed decisions about your case.

How Our Personal Injury Team Can Help You

When you hire Tate Law Offices, P.C., our attorneys will get started on your case right away. Our legal team consists of attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, investigators, accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, life care planners, and others who are highly skilled and dedicated. We will:

  • Help you get the medical treatment you need– If health insurance is an issue or if you don’t have health insurance, we can work with your doctors to assist you in getting medical care. For instance, we can provide doctors with a letter of protection that can get you upfront medical care without the need for immediate payment.
  • Address your transportation issues– We know that transportation will be a pressing issue if your vehicle was damaged or destroyed. As a free service, we can deal with the at-fault party’s insurance company and work toward getting your vehicle repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.
  • Investigate your case– We collect evidence, interview witnesses, and gather medical records to determine why your accident happened, who should be held responsible, and how your injuries have affected your ability to work and enjoy life. All of this information can be used to assess the amount that should be sought in damages in your case.
  • Explore all potential sources of compensation– To maximize the value of your case, we will identify all parties who may be held liable for your injuries and losses and their insurance policies that may be sources of compensation.
  • Prepare your case for a settlement– We will strive to resolve your case by dealing with the insurance company. Our goal will be to obtain full compensation for you without the need to go to court or file a lawsuit. We are aggressive negotiators who know how to counter insurance company tactics.
  • Go to court on your behalf– If an insurance company refuses to make a settlement offer that provides fair compensation, we can take your case to trial. As experienced trial lawyers, we know how to present a compelling case to a jury on your behalf.
  • Disburse your award as efficiently as possible– We can take immediate steps to collect your settlement or judgment. We can also efficiently work to resolve any health care or other liens attached to your recovery. Our goal will be to maximize the amount that goes to you and your family.

Legal Services

Tate Law Offices, PC, handles a wide range of injury cases in the Dallas area, including:

Contact Tate Law Offices for Help with Your Claim

At Tate Law Offices, P.C., we are dedicated to helping accident victims recover financial compensation after sustaining a serious injury. Some of the impressive results we have achieved include:

  • $6.5 million to a client who suffered a brain and pelvis injury in a motorcycle accident
  • $3.7 million in-pocket to a family who lost a loved one in a car accident
  • $2.2 million to a burn injury victim who was injured by a defective product

Every day, our legal team is motivated to make a positive impact on the clients we serve and the communities we live in.

We have won over 3,000 cases and have obtained over a 99% success rate for our clients, reflecting the high level of service we bring to each case.

Our impressive record and zealous legal representation have also resulted in our firm and attorneys winning many accolades. Tim Tate and Chris Rehmet are both members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, an association that is comprised of the most successful lawyers in the country. Only 1% of attorneys can claim membership in this coveted forum, so our firm having two members speaks to the caliber of our attorneys.

We are ready to assist you with every aspect of your case. Get a free case evaluation and learn how we can help by contacting us today.

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