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Texas is Worst State for Drivers in 2022, New Study Shows

A new study reports that Texas is tied with New Mexico for having the worst drivers in the United States. We’ll discuss what factors led to this determination, which states are known for having the worst drivers, and how most car accidents happen. 

Texas and New Mexico Tied for Worst Drivers in U.S.

The study in question comes from CarInsuranceComparison.com. The study’s authors used five categories to evaluate which states had the worst drivers. Those five categories were:

  • Car accident death rate
  • Failure to obey traffic laws
  • Careless driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding

Based on these criteria, the study found that Texas drivers and New Mexico drivers shared the No. 1 ranking for states with the worst drivers. Both states were cited for a particular problem with careless driving.

The researchers based their conclusions on several sources, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and their CrashStats program, as well as the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). While Texas tended to have a higher number of overall accidents in most categories, given it has a much higher population than New Mexico, looking at accident rates per mile traveled revealed the two states have similarly poor drivers.

Top 10 States with Worst Drivers

According to this recent study, the most erratic and unsafe drivers reside in the following states:

  1. Texas (tied)
  2. New Mexico (tied)
  3. Montana (tied)
  4. South Carolina (tied)
  5. Louisiana
  6. Alabama (tied)
  7. Hawaii (tied)
  8. Arizona
  9. Oregon
  10. Nevada

Most Common Texas Car Accidents 

Car accidents are always unexpected, but the causes leading up to them are often predictable and avoidable. Some of the most common types of Texas car accidents are:

  • Speeding accidents — Speeding drivers have a harder time maintaining control of their vehicles. They also take longer to slow down and stop, making it harder to avoid a crash.
  • Impaired driving accidents — Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs have slower reaction times, are more prone to aggressive driving behaviors, and might fall asleep at the wheel, all of which can cause a crash.
  • Distracted driving accidents — Drivers who are texting, talking on the phone, or distracted by something else aren’t watching what’s happening around them. They may suddenly cause a crash without realizing the danger they’re creating.
  • Drowsy driving accidents — Severe fatigue dulls a driver’s reflexes, increases stress, and could cause a driver to fall asleep behind the wheel, resulting in a catastrophic crash.
  • Intersection accidents — Failing to stop at a traffic light, stop sign, yield sign, or other intersection may lead a driver to collide with other drivers or pedestrians passing through the intersection.

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