the future of the
trucking industry

trucking industry statistics

  • routes over 70% of the nation’s freight is moved by trucks annually.
  • officer In 2018, there were 3.5 million truck drivers.
  • charts In 2017, the trucking industry generated over $700 billion in economic activity.

Trucker Shortage Statistics

truck Companies face an estimated shortage of 60 million truck drivers.
Industry experts Industry experts approximate 898,000 new drivers to be needed in the next decade.
Other industry experts Other industry experts dispute emergent nature of shortage, but blue-collar industries are nonetheless tight markets.

Trucker Shortage Causes

  • Industry wages are not reflective of changes in inflation and the economy.
  • Industry is populated by older, white, male workers – a shrinking demographic group.
  • Industry safety concerns dissuade potential female and LGBT drivers.

The Effects of Self-Driving Technology on the Trucking Industry


Tesla, Uber, Mercedes-Benz, and a Google subsidiary company have conducted research about or built self-driving freight trucks.


For the second year in a row, Chinese researchers have hacked and controlled the brakes of a Tesla vehicle through wi-fi and cellular connection, a potential vulnerability for self-driving trucks.

Self-Driving Vehicle Safety Statistics

  • coinsTechnology experts suggest the trucking industry could save an estimated $300 billion with the introduction of self-driving trucks.
  • briefcaseGoldman Sachs predicted that the implementation of self-driving cars could cost truck drivers up to 25,000 jobs a month.
  • dangerA high-profile pedestrian fatality was documented in Arizona, caused by an Uber driverless car.
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