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Alarming Traffic Accident Statistics in Texas: 2017-2022

Texas Traffic Statistics

In recent years, Texas has witnessed a marked surge in traffic incidents, with a particular emphasis on commercial vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrian accidents, and drunk driving accidents. A detailed analysis of the traffic accident statistics over the five years of complete data between 2017-2022 provides an insightful perspective on this growing concern.

Between 2017-2022 Texas saw an increase in traffic accidents involving commercial motor vehicles, with 1624 fatality accidents in 2017 and 1937 fatality accidents in 2022. The total number of fatalities was 10787. And, the number spiked in 2021 with 2156 deaths involving large trucks on Texas roads.

A closer examination of the most recent available data from TXDot also reveals a disturbing trend in motorcycle-related fatalities. The number of fatalities involving motorcycle riders has increased substantially since 2017 when there were 499 deaths. as compared to 557 in 2022. The total number of fatalities between 2017-2022 was 2992.

Pedestrian accidents have also been a significant concern. A comparison of the yearly data shows an increasing trend in the number of pedestrian fatalities over from 2017 to 2022. The number of pedestrian fatalities has creased from 689 in 2017 to 906 in 2022. This calls for immediate attention and stringent measures.

Drunk driving, a critical contributor to the rising accident statistics, has been another major focus area. The alarming number of DUI-related fatalities and injury crashes over the years underscores the pressing need for more rigorous DUI laws and enforcement. From 2017 to 2022 the number of alcohol related deaths on Texas roads increased from 1161 to 1301, a 9% increase. All of these accidents could have been avoided.

Injury accidents constitute another significant portion of the traffic accident statistics. Over the years 2017-2002 Texas saw similar increases in the number of accidents that involved injuries. There has been a marked increase in the number of accidents resulting in severe injuries, further emphasizing the severity of the issue.

The continuous rise in traffic accidents in Texas calls for concerted efforts from all who use Texas roadways. Defensive driving courses, increased awareness campaigns, stricter law enforcement, and individual responsibility are crucial in reversing these distressing figures. It is with this collective endeavor that we can hope to see a reduction in the number of accidents and fatalities on Texas roads in the upcoming years in 2023 and beyond. Maybe Texas can truly claim that driving friendly is the “Texas way” in the future, if not today.



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