Details About Our Free Consultation for Car Accident Victims

There are never any upfront legal fees or costs that you will pay us because all of our work is done on a contingency basis. This means we work for a percent, usually one third (33.33%), of the money we collect and are only paid if we collect money for you. In just about every case we can collect far greater money to more than pay for the legal fee and also give you substantially more money in your pocket for your portion of the settlement because insurance companies will pay a much higher amount of money for your case when represented by our firm. Additionally, we can help you get immediate medical treatment at no upfront cost to you. Also, even though we can settle most cases without a lawsuit, if a lawsuit must be filed on your case, we will pay for all of the lawsuit costs for your case and will only be reimbursed once the case concludes. In essence, we incur the financial risk for you and only get paid only if we recover money for you. We can be reached at 888-569-3903.

Our Lawyers Can Come to You

We are glad to speak with you about your case over the phone, at your home, at the hospital, at our office, or anywhere that is convenient for you. There is no legal fee for us to meet with you and analyze your case, and you do not have any commitment or obligation. We can be reached at 888-569-3903.

How to Contact Us for a FREE Case Review

If you need to contact us about a new case, we will be glad to help and can analyze your case in a number of ways:

  • Call us at 972-499-4813.
  • We can meet you at your home, our office, or anywhere that is convenient to you; or
  • Submit this Online Form to us.