Houston Catastrophic Injuries: By the Numbers

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Serious injury accidents happen every day in Houston. With a population of over 2 million people, and nearly 7 million in the metro area, there are enough Houstonians that injuries are unfortunately common.

Some injuries might be minor and heal relatively quickly. Many others could require extensive and costly medical treatment, ongoing care, and could potentially cause issues for the rest of the victim’s life.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in an accident caused by the carelessness or recklessness of another party, you deserve justice.

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What Is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is an injury that negatively affects the victim’s quality of life and prevents them from working for an extended period. Unlike other personal injuries, even serious ones, a catastrophic injury limits your ability to live and work comfortably for a long time if not permanently.

Disabling conditions that can result from a catastrophic injury often necessitate lifelong in-home care or require the victim to live in a skilled nursing facility. The amount of money you and your family need to support that person’s care can often be quite high because of the extreme and extended effects.

Common catastrophic injuries include:

At Tate Law Offices, P.C., we can represent you in a personal injury claim if the injury was caused by negligence. We are prepared to help you or your family get the support you need if you are affected by one of these difficult conditions.

Catastrophic injury settlements are sometimes high because of the severe pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and lasting effects on your everyday life.

Catastrophic Injury Types in Houston

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston’s School of Public Health prepared a report on emergency department use in Harris County. They compiled data about how many people used the emergency departments at Houston-area hospitals and for what reason.

The report gives a snapshot of catastrophic injury statistics in Houston. In one year, 148,714 injured Houstonians visited the emergency room. The following year, 149,233 patients did. These injuries accounted for over 20% of all emergency department visits.

There are more public health reports publicly available on the injury statistics for the state of Texas. In a single year in Texas, workplaces reported the following numbers of accidents that could be catastrophic:

  • Amputations – 5,970
  • Chemical burns and corrosions – 210
  • Heat burns – 980
  • Multiple traumatic injuries – 2,080

Most Common Accidents in Houston That Lead to Catastrophic Injury

According to the Houston State of Health Committee, injuries are in the top 10 causes of death in the United States. These injuries can be sustained because of accidents, like car crashes, or could be purposeful, like suicides. Since health treatment records are kept private by federal law, it’s easier to gather data on deaths resulting from accidents than catastrophic injuries.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, the top 10 causes of accidental injuries resulting in death are:

  • Motor vehicle traffic
  • Poisoning
  • Falls
  • Suffocation
  • Downing
  • Fires and burns
  • Firearms

Houston Catastrophic Injuries Statistics and Numbers

Catastrophic injury statistics in Houston are gathered by the city and the state. In one recent year, there were 1,297 deaths as a result of accidents in Harris County. The following year, there were 1,342.

The Texas Department of State Health Services published data on Texas trauma hospitalization. According to that report, there were between 2,598 and 4,536 trauma hospitalizations in Harris County in one year. The causes of these hospitalizations were:

  • Unintentional fall – 47.5%
  • Unintentional MVT, or motor vehicle traffic – 20.9%
  • Unintentional struck by or against something – 4.1%
  • Unintentional other transport – 3.8%
  • Assault struck by or against – 3.2%

As of 2018, the top five causes of injury requiring hospitalization in Texas were:

  • Fall on same level from slipping, tripping and stumbling – 24,994
  • Unspecified fall – 6,058
  • Other fall on same level – 3,776
  • Fall on same level, unspecified – 3,666
  • Car driver injured in collision with other type car in traffic accident – 3,627

Worryingly, Houston is among the most dangerous cities in the United States to drive. According to the Houston Chronicle, 640 people are killed in car crashes every year and 2,850 are seriously injured. In the greater Houston-Galveston metro area, the injury number rises to 15,428.

Compensation for Victims of Catastrophic Injuries in Houston

If you have experienced an accident due to negligence that resulted in a permanent, debilitating injury, you could be eligible for significant financial compensation from the at-fault party or parties.

Catastrophic personal injury claimants in Houston can be awarded damages in the form of money to compensate for your expenses and non-economic effects of your injury. These can include:

  • Past medical expenses related to your injury
  • Expected medical expenses as a result of your injury
  • Costs related to home and vehicle adaptation
  • Ongoing rehabilitation
  • Personal care and assistance expenses
  • Past and future lost wages or salary
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

In some cases, you might also be awarded punitive damages. In Texas, they’re known as exemplary damages. These damages are meant to punish bad actors for their actions. If you were injured by someone purposefully or because of gross negligence, you may be awarded exemplary damages.

Contact a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Houston

Accident victims who have suffered catastrophic, life-changing injuries deserve the best possible care, treatment, and support. Unfortunately, getting the right care can be challenging, and victims and their families may struggle under the financial burden in the aftermath of the accident. If your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, however, you should not have to pay these costs out of your own pocket.

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