Lies Insurance Companies Tell to Get Out of Paying Accident Victims

After an accident, your first instinct may be to call the insurance company and just let them take care of everything. However, no matter how friendly the adjuster may be on the phone, it’s important to remember that they are not your friend. Insurance company representatives can and will do anything they can to avoid paying you the money you are owed. At Tate Law Offices, our Dallas injury lawyers are here to protect you from the devious tactics of insurance companies. 

Examples of Lies the Insurance Company Will Tell You After Your Accident

Here are just a few examples of the falsehoods you may hear from the insurance company after a Dallas car accident:

“This is our best offer.”

The insurance adjuster will almost never offer you the full value of what your claim is worth. They may tell you it’s the best they can do, but in fact, their “best offer” is typically what’s best for them. It can be difficult to estimate how much your claim could be worth, which is why it’s always best to work with a knowledgeable car accident attorney in Dallas who can calculate the potential value of your claim and aggressively pursue full and fair compensation on your behalf.

“If you don’t accept this offer, you may get nothing.”

The insurance company may attempt to intimidate you into accepting a lowball settlement offer by saying you’re lucky to get anything at all. They know desperate accident victims are more likely to take far less than they deserve simply because bills are piling up. However, you shouldn’t fall for this underhanded tactic. You can work with a dedicated personal injury attorney in Dallas who will demand the compensation you are owed.

“Your injuries are not severe enough to qualify for compensation.”

Just because the insurance company doesn’t believe your injuries are severe does not mean you don’t deserve compensation. Only you and your doctor can determine how serious your injuries are and how much they affect your life.

“The speed of the accident could not have resulted in severe injuries.”

If you were involved in a relatively low-speed accident, the insurance company might try to claim that the collision was too minor to cause serious injuries. However, even low-speed accidents can result in severe trauma, such as whiplash, bone fractures, and extensive bruising. If this occurs, it’s best to simply visit the doctor and allow your medical records to speak for you.

“You have a pre-existing injury, so we don’t have to pay you.”

If you were involved in another accident in the past or you have any pre-existing conditions, the insurance company may use this fact as an excuse to avoid paying up. However, a good lawyer can help you demonstrate that you sustained additional or aggravating injuries as a result of the accident and demand the compensation you need.

“You don’t need help from an attorney.”

If you are talking to the insurance company after an accident and their representative says this, be alarmed. The insurance company knows that if you have an attorney in your corner, they won’t be able to get away with minimizing or denying your claim. Don’t let their lies dissuade you from working with a professional advocate who can help you secure fair compensation. 

How Tate Law Offices Can Help

At Tate Law Offices, PC, our tenacious Dallas injury attorneys can help you find the medical care you need, get your vehicle repaired, find a rental car, and review your legal case, all at absolutely no cost to you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can demand the compensation you deserve in a free initial consultation.