May 16

How Personal Injury Lawyers Provide an Invaluable Service to the Community

by Tate Law Offices, P.C.Injury Claims

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Many individuals in the United States retain misguided beliefs about legal professionals. These people may believe that lawyers are greedy, malicious and only interested in making money. After all, according to U.S News & World Report, the average salary of all lawyers, personal injury included, reaches just over $130,000 per year, well above many other professions.

But while attorneys, and personal injury lawyers especially, may earn large sums for their work, they truly provide a service that is invaluable to everyday citizens. Here are a few reasons why personal injury attorneys actually help us all:

Providing Education for Everyone

The law and the court system are some of the most complex areas of life, yet so many people find themselves within both on a daily basis. And because legal education is difficult to possess without advanced schooling, large amounts of those involved can become confused and misunderstand their rights in the process.

Personal injury attorneys help by educating their clients on the legal process, advising them as to what they must do, and guiding them in the direction that supports their best interests.

Handling Insurance Providers

In many personal injury lawsuits, the plaintiff, or person who initiates the lawsuit, may attempt to file a claim with an insurance provider in order to recover compensation for their injuries or property damage they may have sustained. Unfortunately, insurance representatives often delay investigations, mishandle cases, or even avoid providing compensation in the attempt to prevent payment altogether. Of course, if the plaintiff does not know how to deal with these tactics, they may be left covering the costs of their own recovery and property repairs without due damages.

Skilled personal injury lawyers, like our team at Tate Law Offices, will have experience handling insurance providers, and can often quickly disarm a representative and secure compensation for their client.

Giving a Voice to Those Who Are Injured

Perhaps the most important service that personal injury attorneys provide is giving the public a voice to speak out when they are injured and seeking compensation. In many instances, those who have been injured, whether in a motor vehicle wreck or a slip and fall accident, are facing massive medical bills or property damages that cost large amounts to fix. In this situation, without an advocate on their behalf, those who are injured may simply be forced to bear the brunt of the costs without help from anyone else.

Personal injury attorneys often see this system as unjust, and work tirelessly and aggressively to ensure that their clients’ rights are respected throughout the case, and that they have the ability to recover compensation for which they are entitled. Many personal injury attorneys even work on a contingency basis, meaning that they don’t request payment for their services unless the plaintiff wins their case. This is how we approach business at Tate Law Offices.

Without a Personal Injury Attorney You’re at the Mercy of the Legal System

Personal injury attorneys are a necessary balance in the civil judicial system. Without the representation of a skilled personal injury attorney, injury victims may quickly find themselves being victims of the legal system meant to protect their rights. Please contact us by calling 888-662-3892 if you have been injured and have are hesitant on whether a personal injury attorney can add value to your case.

“Giant Gavel” image “Giant Gavel” Sam Howzit, CC-BY-2.0.