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Eagle Ford Shale and Texas Fatality Car Accidents

by Tate Law Offices, P.C.Auto Accidents, Truck Wrecks

Eagle Ford Shale is a South Texas area that stretches south of San Antonio, Texas, and north of Corpus Christi, and up to Bryan, Texas. The roadways in this region of Texas have become increasingly dangerous due to an explosion in population and traffic that has followed an unprecedented oil and gas boom. While this boom is great for the economy of the Eagle Ford Shale area and the state of Texas, it has not come without deadly consequences, largely in the form of fatal car and truck accidents on packed and deteriorating highways, which have in many cases become seriously ill-suited for safe travel due to the constant weight of oil and gas 18-wheelers and tractor trailers that are needed to haul drilling equipment and other items to and from the many rigs in this region.

Counties in the Eagle Ford Shale Area:

Atascosa County, TXKarnes County, TX
Austin County, TXLa Salle County, TX
Bastrop County, TXLavaca County, TX
Bee County, TXLee County, TX
Brazos County, TXLeon County, TX
Burleson County, TXLive Oak County, TX
Colorado County, TXMadison County, TX
DeWitt County, TXMaverick County, TX
Dimmit County, TXMcMullen County, TX
Duval County, TXMilam County, TX
Fayette County, TXRobertson County, TX
Frio County, TXWashington County, TX
Goliad County, TXWebb County, TX
Gonzales County, TXWilson County, TX

Major Roadways

Most Dangerous Roadways

According to a national poll of the 100 deadliest highways between 2004 and 2008, Texas roads ranked 13th, 14th, 41st, 68th, 80th and 96th.

Between 2004 and 2008 Texas highways endured the below accident numbers:

  • I-35 had 579 fatal accidents on I-35, resulting in 659 total fatalities.
  •  I-45 had 325 fatal accidents that resulted in 388 total fatalities.
  • I-30 had 179 fatal accidents that resulted in 201 total fatalities.
  • I-10 had 502 fatal accidents, resulting in 591 total fatalities.
  • I-20 had 337 fatal accidents, resulting in 390 total fatalities.
  • I-44 had 7 fatal accidents resulting in 7 total fatalities.

Traffic Statistics

Since 2009, Commercial Vehicle Accidents and Commercial Vehicle Accident Fatalities have risen in Eagle Ford Shale.

Eagle-Ford-Shale-and-Texas-Fatality-Car-AccidentsBetween 2009 and 2011, the CMV accidents in Eagle Ford Shale had a 2% likelihood of being fatal.  In 2012, 3% of all commercial vehicle accidents in Eagle Ford Shale resulted in a fatality.  All numbers are compiled from the Texas Department of Transportation website.

Of the Eagle Ford Shale Counties, Webb county had the greatest number of car accidents in this time period, 2,015 CMV accidents between 2009 and 2012.

Top Five Eagle Ford Shale CMV Accident Counties between 2009 and 2012:

  1. Webb County, TX: 2,015 Accidents, 18 Fatalities
  2. Brazos County, TX: 460 Accidents, 5 Fatalities
  3. Colorado County, TX: 313 Accidents, 5 Fatalities
  4. Karnes County, TX: 249 Accidents, 5 Fatalities
  5. Leon County, TX: 244 Accidents, 8 Fatalities

Top Five Deadliest CMV Accident Counties between 2009 and 2012:

*likelihood of an accident to result in a fatality

  1. Atascosa County, TX: 9.02% of accidents resulted in a fatality
  2. Lavaca County, TX: 7.50% of accidents resulted in a fatality
  3. Zavala County, TX: 6.06% of accidents resulted in a fatality
  4. Madison County, TX: 5.77% of accidents resulted in a fatality
  5. Duval County, TX: 4.92% of accidents result in a fatality

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